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Dear Alumni,

The Latin Hispanic Alliance will be sending out regular newsletters and we want YOU to receive them! 

If you are interested please fill out this google form!

Sep 12, 20
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Sankofa Support Group (SSG) initiative

The SSG initiative is being brought to you through AOISA, who begins their meetings on Wednesday, September 2nd.

SSG's purpose is to facilitate a connection between people despite their differences, mitigate conflict and provide emotional support to students during what has proven to be a tumultuous and stressful year as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the civil unrest caused by continued social inequalities, and injustices experienced by our marginalized communities, the rise of unemployment nationwide, the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election and others.

AOISA will have an interest meeting for the SSG on Thursday, September 10th from 12pm- 1:30pm.

If interested, please fill out this google form:

Sep 2, 20
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New Weekly Meetings! 

Every Thursday @ 7 pm via Zoom!

Zoom Link:

Aug 24, 20
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